The Golem
36"x24" Neon and Mercury with Arduino Protector of the jewish people when all hebrew letters are illuminated the golem is alive and the text (emet) translates to "truth" in english. When off the remaining two letters (met) translate to "death" and the golem is dead.
Haida Gwaii Infrared
Haida Gwaii Digital Infrared
3D Stereo Views
Videos of depth maps created by shooting medium format and 35mm cameras in stereo
Blurring in Between
Subcutaneous Veins in Aerochrome
Inspired by medical infrared photography of the early to mid 20th century
Blurring In Between
Clothing by Jeneane Desilets Model: Sofia Andries
Infrared Venous
Blood Field [4x5 film]
Large format Infrared images of the blood field. Death is never far.
Fashion on Film
Documenting designs from the collection by Qingqing Cao
Body Configuration - Collaboration with Victoria V.
Collaboration with performance artist Victoria Vanderpool. Inspired by the drawings and photographs of Valie Export and her project of the same name from 1972 shot on 4x5 Color infrared film
Fashion on Phase One
Clothing Designed by: Ning Yang
Aerochrome in Chicago
Infrared film in Chicago
Neon Portrait
Aerochrome Infrared film in Seattle
Other than brightening I have not edited these film photos. What you are seeing is the closest you can get to seeing in infrared light.
Yellow Stone National Park - Stars
Long exposures of the milky way above White Dome, a geyser in Yellow Stone.
Forgotten Cars
I came across all these abondoned cars while driving through New York state.
5,500 Miles
Boca Raton to Seattle and curious places in between.
Monster- Drawing to photograph to print
After drawing, printing and mono printing this face I decided to recreate in photo, my main medium. I shot this image 12 times on slide 120 film with my medium format camera then collaged together in photoshop. The print is 42" x 42"
Slipping Into the Other
Macro of soap bubbles. COMPLETELY UNEDITED
Happy Hungry Sleepy
Usually sativa
Under the Starry Night
A deep dream rendition of my night camping in Yosemite national park
ShirtWaist Inc.
Clothing designed by Sharon Boucher.
every day for 3 years
Helen - Photo restoration
Drawing and Printmaking
A study on faces, using various techniques and medium Olivier produces unique designs based upon the work of Egon Sheile and Hans Belmer.
College Application Portfolio
This is what helped me get into: -Academy of art university: San Francisco -Santa Fe University of art and design -Columbia College -Emily Carr -Maryland Institute college of art - Creative vision award $32,000 / Presidential Scholarship $12,000 -School of Visual arts - School of the art institute of chicago -Pratt Institute -Pratt Munson-Williams Proctor -Rochester institute of Technology -Montana State university
Self Portrait
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